March 20th, 2008

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Furries on arte TV

Sometimes, I wish I was paid for all that crap I'm doing. :)

After a massive 8-hour edit session, I finally finished the translation of the Tracks show.

I wrote about this about a dozen times, but let me do this again because I still have lots of people asking me what this is all about. So here's the story in a nutshell:

"Tracks" is a weekly show about unusual people, subcultures, artists. The show presents those people in a respectful and neutral way. It is aired weekly on arte, a French/German tv channel.

In 2002, Tracks has done a report about furries. They went to ConiFur to tape some footage, which was then used in their report. The overall report was very nice, and positive.

In 2007, Tracks has celebrated their 10th anniversary, and rather than just doing the usual "best of"-show, they decided to do an art exhibition featuring the 10 most interesting or unusual subjects they ever made reports on. They contacted Eurofurence to represent furries, since apparently this was one of the 10 most interesting things. After some internal discussions, EF decided to attend the exhibition to represent the furry fandom.

During the exhibition, they had a camerateam filming all the things that were going on, and they had a show scheduled for March 08. Of course, I also did my own little movie about this, which has been around for quite a while. What can I say, I'm faster with editting than they are. ;)

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My personal view on that report? Well.... seems like us furries totally pwned the show! ^.^

Seriously, watch for yourself how furries got the majority of the airtime, be it interviews, the actual report, whatever. Also, I have to admit that the report reflects the actual exhibition: They were treating us with respect, appreciation and I'd always do it again. Thanks to all the editors, organisers, everyone involved in the making of this exhibition and show. It was lots of fun, we all had a blast, and if you should ever plan something like this again... you can count on us. :)

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