March 17th, 2008

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Woyro's Warren Episode 58---My trip to Dallas Fearfest

 posted the latest Woyro's Warren.  i recorded it in a different place this time.  i've recorded shows from the front yard, the back yard, an airport lounge, various conventions and hotel rooms.  tune in to find out where i brought my Zoom recorder this time!

this show is about a 37 minute talk about my trip down to Dallas the weekend before last when i went to Fearfest 2.  i also made a side-trip.  sort of a special thing for me.  i explain why in the podcast.  it concerns my deep dark past.  OOOOOOOH!!!

oh, before i can listen to the show at

i would have posted a link for Fearfest, but they already took down all the information for the con.  

in other news...i just bought a new Logitech headset for my computer.  i hooked it up and it works fine with Skype.  i'm listed as woyroskunk.  

i'm planning on doing another show before i leave for my vacation on sunday.  if i dont post one, i'll have my headphones with me and i'll try to do one on the road.
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