December 31st, 2007


Husky Pull #3

Well our good old strong man husky Shortwave is at it again to top his last video The Husky Truck Pull. Not only that its also training day as he's teaching our good old pal Dex how to pull large objects like all good huskies should do. This time however, instead of teaching Dex how to pull a little Civic or Benz, Shortwave is teaching Dex how to pull a 20,000lb rescue vehicle (ambulance) so we wouldn't have to go far if Dex gets hurt. Originally we wanted Shortwave to pull the larger 45,000lb rescue truck that hauls all the rescue gear (jaws of life, O2 tanks, etc etc), but it was decided to go easy on Dex. And hey, its still doubling the amount of weight he pulled in the last video! I've also included the previous videos after the cut so those who haven't seen them all can view Shortwave's fun.

PS: Sorry for the poor quality of the 3rd video. The previous two where taken with my old Motorola RIZR that I lost at Six Flags the past summer and my new phone the T-Mobile Wing, while a god send, has a horrible camera. I'm looking into finding a older 3 or 4 mega pixel video camera cheap for taking future videos.

Husky Pull #3:Wahmbulance

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Woyro's Warren Episode 49---Preview of the Ursa Major Awards

 i did a preliminary rundown of what the Ursa Major Awards are all about.  i'll keep on top of this story as things progress.

also, in the Animals in the News segment i talk about Glowing Cats and Super Mice.

as usual, the show is available at:

info on the Ursa Major Awards are at:

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