December 10th, 2007

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Woyro's Warren Episode 47--Convention plans for 2008

 first of all THANK YOU ALL for downloading my little show!  

while checking my statistics recently i noticed a mind-blowing spike in the number of downloads.  i thought it may have been a fluke...but, the numbers have remained high.  downloads of previous episodes have also grown.  ALL episodes are still available though iTunes and at the website.  once again...THANK YOU!  i even appreciate those who have listened to the show and found it not to your liking.  the fact that you took the time to TRY it means a lot to me.  but, it looks like most of you are coming back for more.  in these modern times, when there are just SO MANY different forms of media and entertainment competing for our attentions...the fact that you are taking the time to listen to my little 15 minute weekly show means a lot to me. 

so, the new show is up at  those of you who use iTunes (like i do)  will get it when you refresh your downloads.  

and, for those of you who HAVENT listened to the show.  i have 2 words for you....


if you want to know more...listen to the current episode.


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