December 3rd, 2007


Will He (Sleeper) Win?

Today is December 3rd and its the day the winner of the Turner Award is announced and the favorite this year is Mark Wallinger of London England whom did a presentation in which he dressed in a bear suit for 10 nights as he wandered about a gallery in Germany.

from another source: Accordingly the brown bear is the heraldic symbol of Berlin and there are various ideas in play (about nation, history, identity). But the impact of the piece exceeds its meanings. The idea seems to come out of nowhere. The absurdity but odd dignity of the costume, the comic-melancholic routines with which the poor, allegorical animal keeps itself awake, add up to a transfixing piece of silent theatre.
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Woyro's Warren Episode 46---Hybernation and convention plans

 Thanks for all the new downloads recently.  :::swishes skunky tail happily:::

Episode 46 is sort of an odds and ends show.  no big news.  things are slowing down in the furry community right now (except for those planning FC).  i'm continuing with the "Animals in the News" segment with the story of a turtle with a very weird way of breathing.  i also talk about a few ideas for segments in the new year.
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