October 5th, 2007


:: Plea

Dear brothers and sisters, furs from Colorado and around the world,

As most of you may know, being a furry carries with it a bad reputation.  I’ve witnessed relationships suffer from this nasty reputation alone, and not by anything any one person has done.  Frankly, our name is associated with all kinds of gross, and I personally know a few furs who are ashamed to be called furries due to association.

Without morals – essentially, a code of conduct – there’s no chance in hell we’d ever find peace with our own species – brothers and sisters of our true race.  Deny it all you want, but we’re all human.  Our bodies are human, and we are bonded to each other through blood and ancestry.  Isn’t peace with our family important any more?  If we continue with our kinky scare tactics, we are only ostracizing ourselves from their company.  I can’t just stand by as we erode our lifeline to our fellow humans by meddling about in MUCKs or cons.  Now, I’m not saying those are wrong or unethical, but depending on what we publicize about them (which is sometimes too much information), they can be.  Trying to escape humanity can be fun at times, but we need to grow up and face our issues:  there’s a great enmity between humans and… us.  Furries.  Humans.

I understand this enmity, and in most cases, it’s not our affinity to animals that separates us; it’s our openness to sexual fantasies.  Now, I’m not talking about us accepting our desires as part of ourselves; I’m referring to our tendency to make it other people’s business.  Mundanes, and even some furries, don’t care or want to know what turns us on!  What we get stoked about is not as important as the fact that we are capable of building relationships and loving people or furrs for themselves, and then introducing it to our friends or lovers, instead of blurting it all out, right up front, to cameras and mics that will broadcast it to millions of eyes and ears that could not care less.  It seems that this is all people hear, and I know the reason they hear it.  It is ‘cos it’s happening in places it doesn’t need to be.

I don’t mean to say all furries lack morals and intelligence.  I know many wise and reserved furs out there, and I enjoy their company.  I’m just saying that our sexual quirks and fetishes oughtn’t be anybody’s business but those with whom we are intimate.

Our tenacity in immaturity is killing us.  If we keep running every time there’s conflict, instead of facing it and resolving the issue, we’ll never gain respect and equality that every human deserves, furry or not.  I understand not everybody wants this issues resolved.  Many people will fight us to the death, so to speak; in those cases we ought to be mature enough not to provoke further conflict – as that’s what they want – and just walk away.  After all, who would want respect from somebody like that?

If this came across as condemnation, I apologize.  That wasn’t my intention.  All I mean of this is that, while it’s okay to be proud of being a furry because it’s a strong desire that’s beyond us, that we can’t explain and have little control over, it would be so much greater if our pride in being a furry came from our voluntary maturity in social matters and our ability to overcome the obstacles that arise from confused or condemning people, rather than running from or fueling them.

If we all put in some effort, we could make this fandom a respectable place.  And maybe anthropomorphic fans wouldn’t be afraid to call themselves ‘furries’.

Dutifully yours,
Salem Gambit