September 20th, 2007

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Sexy Dugong Fursuit on SpikeTV

Thank you, SpikeTV. If it wasn't for their constant rerunning of old CSI, I'd never have seen "Fur and Loathing."

Now Spike has started this new show late last night, Manswers, and the premise is that they answer questions guys would like answered, but may be socially unacceptable. Anyway, the very first question of the series premiere is "What animal is most like a woman to have sex with?"

Apparently, they were going with the theory that things can only get better from there.

So, anyway, I saw my first dugong fursuit last night, because that, supposedly, is the correct answer. I don't really know how they came up with that. Don't want to know. Anyway the show really got me angry with its statistics. Apparently, 40% of all RURAL male teens have sexual contact with some sort of animal, according to the show. I'm from a rural area.

As if I don't get called a dog****er enough.

Anyway, the show is too recent for YouTube or anything like that, so if you didn't see it, well, you didn't miss much. Furries, thankfully, managed to be completely ignored, with the exception of the dugong fursuit.