July 25th, 2007


doubleviking.com At The Furry Convention!

(link borrowed from anthrocon's Live Journal)

Update: This video is now on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arhcUThfmO8


A Micheal Moore wanna-be spy reporter from a "Beef, Balls & Babes" mens entertainment website attends AC as a pseudo-fur with rented fursuit, gets the video and quotes he wants and then cobbles together the predictable and lame "look at these freaks" video with commentary. I wonder what he told people to get those interviews.

BTW I saw this guy in several AC photos and videos, why didn't anyone there figure out he was a reporter? (especially when he's doing interviews outside with a pro microphone) This could easily happen at other cons if staff and con-goers don't pay attention.
AAAAAA, angry

Second Life Herald: Trolls Write The Best Trollbait

"Are Furries Doomed?"

The premise of this article is that wearing a furry avatar on Second Life is inherently offensive, Because a) nobody goes to SL for anything but sex, and b) sex with a furry is bestiality.

Please do not respond to this article. Yes, it's total crap. It's obviously total crap. The comments are even more inane than the article itself. But, for the love of Coyote and all his little puppies, don't feed the goddamned trolls!!

I am pissed and annoyed that BoingBoing gave these idiots even the brief line-and-link they did.

Warning: This Article Is Not Safe For Work!
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