April 21st, 2007

Oh nose!
  • coyoty

The Bronx Bunny Show

Starz has resurrected "The Bronx Bunny Show", which ran in England during 2003 on Channel 4.  Not having heard of it before, I recorded it last night and thought maybe an interview show featuring a New York rabbit might be questionably similar to "Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends".  Nuh uh.  It's questionable, but far from similar.  When I first saw the puppet hosts, I then though it might be too close to "Greg the Bunny".  Nope, it comes nowhere near.  If it's like anything, it would be like an interview show version of "Meet the Feebles".  Beside being an adult show, another big difference between it and the other shows is that it has big-name stars, joking about adult themes.  It is definitely not safe for work, or family viewing.  It's also funnier than I expected.
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