December 18th, 2006

Hey new guy here :=0 )

Hey there just thought I would introduce myself. :=0 ) I'm a Horsey studying media production at De Montfort University in the UK, I saw this livejournal group and thought it looked cool, and hopefullyI should feel quite at home here. So yeah when I get my degree I either wanna stay in education and get a PHD or go to work in the media, either on the creative or engineering side of things :=0 ) Hope to get chatting and into some of the posts here soon.

Oh yeah something weird happened this semester, one of out lectureres has a second life account and part of the lecture was to do with how furries have created the largest group of people in second life. I spoke to him afterwards and despite insisting that he isnt a furry, he said he had been aware of the fandom for a long time. I gotta talk to him online and see what he makes of my horse avatar lol.

Bucky the Horsey ;=0 )
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