October 16th, 2006


IMVU - one of the first advertisers to furries?

While checking our ads on WikiFur, I noticed that IMVU was specifically advertising to members of the furry fandom:
3D Furry Dress Up & Chat
Dress up your Avatar as a Furry Chat in 3D w/ other Furries. Free!
Clicking that brings you to this page, which appears to be a custom version of their main ad landing page. Naturally, there is one for goths, as well as a couple for anime.

I don't actually recommend you use IMVU right now - their client had performance issues when I tried it, and do you really need another chat network? However, this very specific interest suggests to me that furry fans have become a distinct market segment - and one worth marketing to by firms that aren't already associated with the fandom; unlike, say, comic book suppliers.

I've seen nods from Second Life (which already has a sizable furry population) and of course LJ itself, which featured the furry forest last April, but this is rather more overt. What next - ads in next year's conbooks?