August 4th, 2006

sheldon pc

Final Storyline Completed!

'Deus and I have officially blocked out the entire, final storyarc for OMGWTF! Furries II: The Wrath of Con. No longer involved in the project? No sweat; worked around it and wrote you out. Local (to Long Island, NY) and interested in being involved in any capacity? There's a place for you!

We'll be filming officially this Sunday (the 6th), next Sunday (the 13th), and the 27th. There may be Thursdays involved during these weeks. If anyone is interested in joining us or has already committed to the project, it would be awesome if you could leave me your availability.

Filming will occur at a number of locatons in Suffolk County, mainly Farmingville, Holbrook, and Stony Brook. We're having our own impromptu furry con here, so we're going to need actor-persons up the wazoo!

We're really excited about the script, and for the uninitiated, the trailer can be seen here!


- Kemeeleon

[EDITED to correct numerical dates]