June 30th, 2006


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I got a note on Frappr recently and I thought I'd pass it along. Strange place to get it from. I'm wondering if this person just blanketed everyone in certain maps. Did anyone else recieve this?

I'm a British Journalist looking to do a piece on Furries. The piece would be non judgemental and would ideally involve interviews with three or four Furries. Can you tell me a little bit more about Furries and can you let me know if there's a convention happening soon?

Thanks so much in advance for all your help,

Clare O'Reilly

I find it kind of suspicious as it was sent through the "Yiffy" map list.  Seems strange that she couldn't google and find out that Anthrocon was going on.
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For Easy Reference

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I've gone and collected links to all the related media attention we got at Anthrocon this year in one place for easy reference, just in case folks missed any of it:

Whew. I think that's all of them. I also found this one today, which has no date but I'm assuming was published a few months ago at least (mentions Midwest FurFest and Ohio Furs):

And if you haven't seen crosscheck_fox's music video yet... you should.
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