May 25th, 2006

  • xydexx

Furries In The News

Pointing out the good press is a thankless job, but someone has to do it:

Why are these notable, you ask? Because the media (including the Philadelphia Inquirer which did the semi-snarky article on us a few years ago) finally seems to be getting a clue and using the term "furries" to describe anthromorphic animals.

You heard correctly.

Over The Hedge? A movie with furries in it.

Care Bears? A musical with furries in it.

Is this a sign that the fandom's growing pains have passed? Is the media starting to realize furries are the Next Big ThingTM? Let's hope so.

Our time has come
We're gonna walk in the sun, oh
Packed my hopes
We're ready to roll
We're on our way!

With a little faith we can
Step from the shadows and
Tell everyone
Turn the spotlight on
And now our time has come
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