March 30th, 2006

  • xydexx

Old But Positive Article I Found

You Can Say Stuff With A Puppet You Can't In Person

Positive article about Trace Beaulieu of MST3K fame at Pawpet Megaplex, a furry convention in Orlando, FL. Some select quotes:

Near the end of the Q&A a fan asked Mr. Beaulieu if he had any advice for the next generation of writers and performers, those wanting to live as creatively as he is doing. His answer embodied the spirit of ingenuity, breadth, and humor that I always thought typified the eclectic TV show he helped to make. "Go to school, read movies, read books," he said. "Be a person in the world."


Earlier I talked with an EMT who moonlighted as a big, furry raccoon at children's hospitals because he's hooked on the way the kids' faces light up when they see him, and an artist who dreamed up characters in the style of animated movies to tell her autobiography in pen and ink. Adopting the movie image, using it to do work, is what fandom is about. It's also what MST3k has always been about: talking back, and in so doing making it your own.

[Obligatory reminder that these are the sort of things we should hold up as examples and put in the spotlight when people ask us what all this furry stuff is about.]