February 11th, 2006

  • timduru

Fursuit-TV premiere

Not totally on topic, but in some case might be considered on topic,
as it might become a valid media in itself after some time maybe

For those interested the Premiere stream will be on
Saturday 4th March 2006 - 5:00pm (US East) = 11:00pm (Paris Time)
Re-run: Saturday 4th March 2006 - 7pm (US East) = Sunday 5th - 1am (Paris Time)

And for a quick pick:
The beta stream will re-run on
Saturday 18th Feb 2006 - 5:30pm (US East) - 11:30pm (Paris Time)

For those who are not familiar with the idea behind the fursuit-tv here is some info:
It'll be basically an online stream that will be run once a month to start
(most likely every 1st saturday of the month)
The show will be about 1 hour long, and play video containing fursuits / costumes.
Sources will be for examples: conventions, TV, commercials, parks, movies, music clips, personal videos etc...
And later on maybe a few live events :)
(period, duration and content might be changed later on following the feedback :) )

The goal of the shows are mainly to get people to watch common videos, be it old or recent
and some rare videos that they wouldn't have even thought it existed ;)

A first beta stream has been run for new year 2005-2006,
I mostly announced it to friends as it was mainly meant as a test,
but I was surprised to see around 48 viewers still ;)

In parallel to the stream, the channel #fursuittv will be open for people to talk about the show and what they watch,
and talk about any other topic the video will bring to them :)
It seemed to work quite well for the beta stream, people got talking about the video itself but also about different fursuit topics in direct or not direct relation to the video :)
be it advices, construction, origin of the videos , etc... :)

Soo after the first beta stream, now comes the time for the first stream.
The stream content will be similar to the beta stream, with the few remarks taken in account
(normalize audio yes ;) )
And a bit more edited :)

more info on the website:
thanks for reading. :)