June 22nd, 2005

suspicious stubborn

Vulpine Imperium, a furry pirate RPG!


May the blessings of His Grace the Emperor tumble down upon
you like a Golden Fog!


VI is ©2003-2005 TERROUGE PRODUCTIONS and was created
by Retto

for a new experience in RPing? Come to the Vulpine Imperium, a furry RPG
set in the year 1725, full of sailing ships and insane Emperors! Foxes,
wildcats, stoats, ferrets, lizards, rats, and other vermin live together
aboard the four ships of the Imperial Navy: the Mar'kan's Glory,
The Golden Hide, The Blackship, and The Skeered
of Nothing

With lots of ways to role-play, Vulpine Imperium is a great place to improve
your RP skills, or practise those you've already got! With flash games,
and poetry, art, riddle, and story submissions you'll never get bored!
Vulpine Imperium is a great site for every style of RPer-- no knowledge
of fur-based characters, Redwall, or the year 1725 required!

This two-year-old community is currently seeking members to boost our
already-strong membership of between 50-100 active players! Crews on the
ships range from 20-40 players, or you can stay on land and open a shop.
VI is an all-age RPG, with players ranging in age from 11 to 45! All players
are welcome!

For more information, visit the site, email sarah@amael.com, or AIM SuperFairyGal!

This ad is being placed in a number of furry/art/pirate/rp related communities. I've checked all user info's for all of the communities to see if such an ad would be forbidden-- if I missed such a rule, please let me know and I will be happy to delete it. I will be sticking around in most of these communities after this ad, since I am a fur interested in pirates, as well as being an anthro artist, so don't think that I'm just advertising!