May 27th, 2005



Ok many are about to fly to anthrocon soon so heres a few tips to make going through security easier. please read this the rules have changed quite a bit from last year

1 No sharp objects this should be a no duh, but security still manages to find bucketfulls of knives and scissors and ther misalanious sharp objects.
Best thing to do is make shure your bag is empty before paking it
Try not to bring them at all, alot of times it's on the way back from the trip where we find stuff that was previosly in cheacked baggage on the way out, people are not as carfull for the return trip.

2 No tools this often gets overlooked by passangers but this is still a no no

3 No flamibles this now includes lighters when traveling through the states, you can have one pack of matches but not wooden matches. Nail polish remover, glues, and paint thinners are the most common things found if you are not sure read the label if it says flamible or exsposive leave it at home.

4 Make sure to have at lest one carry on If you think you will get through security easier by not having any bags think again, there is special treatment in store for bagless passangers traveling in the States

5 shoes In both Canada and the States it is wise to have a comfertable and easy to remove shoe depending on the airport you may be asked to remove the shoe before going through the metal detector or after, ether way you dont want to be trying to pull off tight fitting cowboy boots or unlacing calf length boots.

6 Be nice Security has to deal with lots of grumpy passangers, they take some pleasure in an eye for a eye if your foul tempered with them they will be equaly mean back. If you are nice they will give you some slack.
This shoulden't be true but its human nature. You will find that security can be a fun exsperance if you are curtious. These are human beings if they have time they don't mind striking up a short conversation.