February 15th, 2005



I have to disagree with most of the mainstream furries here, I'm afraid. If you look around the fandom, some people DO have their costumes for fursuited sex (not me, but I know that there /are/.) There are furry infantilists here, vore fetishists, BDSM, S&M, spooge, macro, unbirthing, people like Winger---if you take a GOOD hard look....you'll realize that a lot of the fandom IS SEXUALLY BASED. Now, I'm not saying all of it is, mind you, and I'm not saying that it is a horrible bad thing. But it gives off enough vibes that people assume the entire thing is a fetish, when we actually know that maybe only some of it is. A lot of artists I see at AC have an 'Adult Portfolio', and there's even an Adult Art gallery showing for the stuff.
So forgive me, but I can totally see how this can be /utterly/ misinterpreted by mainstream society. There's some parts of the fandom that I still don't want to explain to my mom. And as long as those parts still exist, our fandom can be totally mangled into something it isn't by people who want to twist it about....or who simply don't understand it.
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I just want to see opinions on this I guess. I know everyone gets up-in-arms when furries are 'wrongly portrayed'....but I can't help feeling that there IS some basis to those opinions on the furry community----and I think anyone knows people generally don't DO their research in mainstream society---especially on a small fringe community such as ours. Some furries don't even like it when I use the word 'fandom' to describe furries....because as much as I'd like to believe we all are connected, as a 'community', when I go to a con I don't feel a particular connection with strangers there. :3 I know we all have the same interests, we're 'fans' of furrydom. That's a bit of a tangent though. Anyway, I know a lot of furs here for just the sexual element----and lets face it, if it was all good clean fun (I wish) we wouldn't have places like Tapestries, and we wouldn't have artists like Winger or otherwise. So I don't think the media is coming from an utterly crazy point of view. They just seemed to focus on what /I/ see is quite a large bit of the furry fandom.

But that's just my thoughts! :3 I mean no offense to anyone with my point of view. Any other thoughts on this?