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Furries - soon to be the latest UK teen fashion craze?

Sugar Magazine - the UK's #1 teen fashion magazine - did a short feature on furries and Anthrocon in this month's issue.

Scans from Ember Komodog and a friend of Weesha (no, not wesha): page 0 - page 1 - pages 2/3.

It's a pretty good article considering the publication . . . and its target audience, which is not so much interested in art as it is in accessories. The coverage is positive and makes no mention of objectionable content.

Their visit to Anthrocon appears to be constructed from third party sources, which is par for the course - the only media I saw at AC were local TV (who dressed up for the occasion) and National Geographic. There were probably others, but I don't think Sugar would make the cut. Besides, it was nine months ago; I suspect they didn't get the idea until the New Year.

They contacted me mid-January and I gave them some facts, opinions, and pointers to a bunch of stuff. They even used a bit of it (e.g info about RBW, Confuzzled, Anthrocon teen attendance). Not quite sure where my "quote" came from (others noticed this, too), but it sounds egotistic enough that I probably wrote something similar somewhere. Apparently WikiFur is now part of Wikipedia, too. ;-)

They used my photos for the facing page (I prefer this one, personally), the tiger (blazger), and the group at the end. Ironically, none of these are from Anthrocon.

Other posts on this topic: FA forums - ukFur forums - Ember Komodog's journal

Edit (October): Now republished down under in Dolly

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