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Woyro's Warren Episode 82---Spaghetti Westerns

wow!  i actually got 2 episodes posted on consecutive thursdays.  can i keep this up?  :::shrugs:::   who knows?

this one is rather short.  about 10 minutes.  i ramble a little about working in the crappy weather and talk about a couple of spaghetti westerns i watched recently:  DJANGO and TEXAS, ADIOS...both starring Franco Nero.  you can rent them both on Netflix.   i think i've gotten more interested in westerns since Rocket City Furmeet is doing a "Magnificent 7, Western" theme this year.

i'll be doing some in-depth reviews of some films with animal and furry themes...movies you are probably not familiar with.   but those are for future podcasts.

as for THIS week you can find it at http://www.woyroswarren.mevio.com.

and a big YAY! since Spectra is now recuperating at home, instead of in a hospital. 
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