Giza aka Doug Muth (giza) wrote in furrymedia,
Giza aka Doug Muth

Ugh... the LA Weekly and Rick Castro

I just got this little gem in my mailbox.

It's bad enough that Rick Casto is at it, but I am astonished that this reporter had the gall to think that we would some how "dig" this.

From: EBroadley <>

Hi Doug,
Erin from the LA Weekly here. Wanted to you links to an article we just
published on Rick Castro's Plushies & Furries screening in LA and a photo
slideshow of furry artwork. Thought your readers might dig it. Lemme know if
you can link it up on your site!

Plushies & Furries Article:
http:// style_council/events/tonight-plushies-and-furries-s-1/

Photo slide show: http:// slideshow/view/205120



Erin Broadley
Web Editor
L.A. Weekly
3861 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 574-7217

I honestly don't know if the reporter was stupid, get confused, or what. But it's clear that one thing she did not do was type "plushies and furries" into Google. If she had, she might have found WikiFur and actually learned something.

(I've intentionally broken the URLs to keep Google from picking up the links. I figure anyone who wants to visit those can copy, paste, and remove the spaces manually.)
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