Tori Belliachi (toribelliachi) wrote in furrymedia,
Tori Belliachi

Copypasta'd from UKFur

More Magazine

Just had a look at the isue dated 03/11/08 [November 3rd, to you American types]. In it there is an article about a bloke, who likes to have sex in a gorilla suit, as it turns him on. (He has modified the suit with a S.P.H.)
It says his wife wasn't to happy to start with, but now they have sex with him wearing the suit twice a month, they have sex other times aswell of course. The thing that got me was he says he is going to a convention of LIKE MINDED (emphasis added) people, called furries. And that his wife might buy a suit to go aswell.

Although it doesn't say it, it implies that fur-cons are just sex in fursuits and little else.

Thought I'd pass on.
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