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A few things

Snoopy: WWI Flying Ace - Yes, Snoopy's getting his own flying game, and it looks good... definitely has some potential.

Night of the Werehog - Halloween's over, and this is a bit old. But there will be a full movie of this coming soon, sometime this month. Now, 'full movie' could be anything between a 5-minute long trailer and an OAV. We'll have to wait and see what it becomes.

Madagascar 2 will be in theaters Friday, November 7. That's this week!

The Kung Fu Panda DVD & BD may be released on Saturday, November 8, one day ahead of the original November 9 date. Also, it appears that the "Secrets of the Furious Five" bonus short will be packaged with the DVD version only and won't be on the Blu-ray disc.
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