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Woyro's Warren Episode 77 now up...finally

its been a couple of weeks, but i had my reasons.  i JUST got some new audio software and installed it on my desktop pc.  hopefully this will make it easier for me to do the show on a REGULAR basis.

secondly, i've just got my website hosting information, so i'll be building my website very shortly.

the sound quality of the show may be a little rough and bare-bones.  i'm just learning how this software works.  as i go along, things will get better.  i'm shopping for a PROPER microphone, mixer and sampling keyboard.  those things are in the works.

as always, you can download the show via iTunes or over at http://www.woyroswarren.mevio.com

next week i'll be out at Cinema Wasteland in the Cleveland area.  i'll talk about that soon!
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