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Eurofurence press coverage 2008

Though only in German, we had a fair amount of media attention for Eurofurence this year. I heard there were even two reports prior to the event in the Thüringer Allgemeine and the Freies Wort.

For the official meet the press event on Friday morning we invited both papers and some additional regional media. The coverage so far is quite impressive:
  1. A photo and a short text on the front page of the Saturday edition of the Freies Wort (not online)
  2. A large report on Monday in the local section of the same newspaper
  3. A slideshow of photographs in the online edition of the Thüringer Allgemeine
  4. A TV report on the local TV station (link valid until Saturday or Sunday)
  5. A report on Zeit Online (Germany's most reputable weekly paper), along with a slideshow.

Unfortunately, the Zeit article contains the dreaded "f-word" again, but is quite postive overall. In fact, it is much better than their reports on the Leipzig Game Convention and the motor cycle club.

First of all I'd like to thank the hotel's public relations contractor Mrs Ehrhard as well as the Ringberg Hotel management Mr Kanig and Mr Kornhaß for the excellent support. Also many thanks to everyone involved for answering all the questions in a professional and competent way.
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