crucifox (crucifox) wrote in furrymedia,

Now this one's bad.

In fact, you probably shouldn't read it. It's not an article, it's some underground comic by Dark Horse. The kind that is "3dgy." With a capitol 3. Just remind yourself noone actually, you know, reads that sort of crap.

Though, I must say, what really actually made me angry was the ubiquitous Bear-Fursuit-with-the-Face-Missing Guy (and even an appearance by his slightly less frequent pal, Rabbit-Fursuit-with-Face-Missing-but-Whiskers-and-Nose Guy). Possibly the most inoffensive part of the entire thing, but gosh-darnit, I am really getting sick of that guy. Any time you see some crappy hack comic artist, whether web or "underground," you know Bear-Fursuit-with-the-Face-Missing Guy is going to show up. I HATE that guy.
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