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Die andere Seite: Da steckt man nicht drin! (blond magazine)

A German magazine called blond has published a short, favourable piece on furries. It's a little hazy on facts (Eurofurence 13 actually attracted 585 in 2007), and it assumes that all furries are fursuiters and/or Second Life addicts, but it could be worse. :-)

The other side: Because it is not in it!

There are people who live quite differently than we do. Some have deliberately decided, others had no choice. Here you will find every month attention. This time the furries, people in animal costumes

Sitting a lion and a zebra at the bar and drink Jägermeister! What seemed like a bad joke sounds, it could soon German reality. No, not a real big game then happily at the counter between Stuttgart and Kiel, but "Furries" (German for "Pelzige"), people in colorful animal costumes. In the United States, one of the bizarre movement already more than 10000 followers in Germany cavort a few hundred fur friends. Purple Foxes appointment with yellow and green Biebern giraffes for drinking, dancing or just animal-being. No perverse err, only people with a very, shall we say… unusual hobby.

Furries were "Cast of animals with human characteristics" is in the self-expression of the "Eurofuence", the annual European-Fantreffens Furry, which takes place at different venues. 2007 already attracted 400 kindred. 2008, with 800 participants expected. Their own identity behind a coat art to be able to hide, it seems to more and more people to its special charm. But with the shrill costuming, the fear of discrimination - and thus remain the Furries (initially) favourite among themselves, dive into the virtual world of Second Life, in which they form a remarkable community, or find itself under exclusion The public in many Internet forums, or blogs.

Their roots, the movement in the fantasy and science-fiction scene. Who as a child with Pokémon cards, could now regularly in a green panda bear costume slip - and as a community belonging verschworenen feel. As with brotherhoods of yesteryear Furries attach importance to their own rules, rituals and also on its own language. They are organized in regional and national associations, clubs and even master tables. A certain danger in a parallel world status, seems perfectly. The ability to laugh about themselves to be if you want to have back in his "Fursuit" to a "Furmeet" sneaks to get there under the name "Fursona" in the shape of a cat Tatzen to lick, but you should probably better not lose.

Shaneen Marianna, a young filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York, has a lot of good suasion confidence Furries won and turns now two years since the documentary "American Furry: Life, Liberty And The Fursuit Of Happiness". It accompanies furries in their lives, and of course to their meeting. "Behind the masks stuck often very sensitive and idealistic people," said the Szenekennerin. Are Furries perhaps ultimately the better man? Paw to the Heart: An animal at least has never been a war started!
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