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MTV may be looking for furries again

A Youtubber by the name of "berrymuch" sent me the following message in a Youtube PM. If it is for real, this is not good news. We all know how MTV has portrayed furries in the past.

Hi there,

I'm casting an episode of MTV's True Life, focusing on being a Furry. This is a docu-series to chronicle their real life. We're doing a lot of outreach and I wanted to send our casting flyer your way to see if you or anyone you know might be interested.


MTV and Emmy award-winning producers are now CASTING NATIONWIDE for FURRIES for our new documentary-style series, "TRUE LIFE: I'M A FURRY!" This show is a real "slice-of life" inside look into a misunderstood world. We want to show the positive aspects of the lifestyle (fursuiting, going to conventions, making friends, finding your own style, etc.) as well as the adversity you face. This straight-forward documentary-style show will let you educate our viewers and TELL THE WORLD YOUR OWN TRUE STORY!

• Do you dress up in a Fur Suit and have a Fursona?
• Did you go Fursuiting or meet-up with others?
• Are you tired of people treating you differently because you're a Furry?
• Do you wish everyone would finally understand what being Furry is really about?

Whether your friends and family know about your Fursona, this is your opportunity to show the world what being a Furry really means.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 25 and want to be part of this exciting opportunity, email us at

Please include:
• Your name
• Contact number and email
• City/State you live in
• Photo
• A paragraph about you and your Fursona!
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